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Roster Revision Concept

Roster periods can vary in length depending on each airline. Typical roster periods commonly are of one month or four rolling weeks.


Roster periods in N-OC can either have the status Published or Unpublished. They can be seen on the dropdown menu Period in the Roster Gantt with their status.

Unpublished Roster

Any changes made in an unpublished roster period are designated by a small white box on the roster activities as shown below:

Note: Any changes in the unpublished roster will not be notified to crew members until roster release.



Publishing a roster period

When you’re ready to publish a crew roster, click the Roster Wizard icon located in the middle of the roster Gantt bar:

  1. Click the ROSTER RELEASE tab and select the roster period you want to publish. After, click the NEXT button. 
  2. A list of the crewmembers to whom the roster will be released. Click the RELEASE button to officially release the period. On the bottom, you will also get a review of the message which will be sent. You can apply modifications, if needed. 
  3. The roster is now released. Click the REFRESH button to reload the roster Gantt as a Published roster.  

The roster is now published!


Published Rosters

Once the roster has been published and made available to the crew, any changes made to the original published roster needs to be tracked, notified to crew, and confirmed by crew. These changes are known as ‘Revisions’.

You will see the different N-OC functions for revisions in a published roster period as shown below.


Revision Status colors in a Published Crew Roster

In the Crew Roster Gantt, any changes made to a published roster are shown as small square blocks on the modified activity as shown below. There are three different status colors:

Red = Saved as Unactioned

When you modify the crew roster but have not yet saved the changes, the revision is shown with a red box on the affected activities. You will also find a red square on the crew name window by hovering with the mouse over it. Details of the revisions will show likebelow:

When the user saves the revisions and selects Save as unactioned, the red boxes remain displayed on the activities as a reminder that they are unhandled. This means that no information is sent to the crew about the revision. 

The red box will remain until the date and time that the event occurs. When that date and time comes, the calendar in MyRoster (available to each crew member) is also updated. 


If, for example, you briefed the crewmember verbally and the revision is confirmed, you can manually change the status of the revision to ‘Confirmed.’ 

To do this, right-click the red, purple, or yellow square on the activity, and confirm by clicking the icon. This clears the square and the crew’s roster is updated with the revision. The revision is now confirmed and no further action is needed. 

Purple = Saved as ‘Briefed’ at a given date/time.

When you save the revisions and select ‘Revision’ the following dialogue window opens:

If you do not want to send out a revision notification yet, you can choose to brief a crew member at a specified date/time from the NotifyDate field (circled above). Select the NotifyDate field to enter the required Date and Time. This means that the crewmember will only receive revision notification at this date/time and not before. Also, the revision will not be displayed in MyRoster until then. 


The revisions are displayed with purple boxes on the activities, and you will see it also on the Crew name box. 



Yellow = Saved as status ‘Notified’

Notification works in a similar way to the Briefed option. 

To notify a crewmember of a revision immediately, select today’s date in ‘NotifyDate’ field and delete the time.

Note: The date for sending out notification defaults to today’s date.

Click the APPLY button then the SAVE button. This means that the crewmember will receive a revision notification immediately and this revision will display in MyRoster pending the crew’s confirmation. This assumes that the change is a time in the future so that the crew has time to look at their roster and approve the change.


With this option, the revisions display with yellow boxes on the activities. 


No color = Saved status as ‘Confirmed’ 

When you save the revisions and select ‘Revision’ and 'ConfirmDate' + Save, no revision boxes show and the crew's roster (MyRoster) is updated with the revision. 

The revision is now confirmed without notification and no further action is needed. 

Roster Wizard

 To open the Roster Wizard, click the Roster Wizard icon in the roster Gantt.

There are several pages on the Roster Wizard, but ’Revision’ page auto-opens.

On the left side, there are three boxes: red, purple, and yellow squares. They correspond to the roster revision actions. By clicking them, you will see whether each category is unhandled or unconfirmed.

For each category, you will be shown the following page. 

You can apply any modifications. For example, changing the date for the revision to be briefed or confirm a revision right away.

To notify, brief, or confirm these revisions, you can select them on the left checkboxes, as well as the notification boxes, if needed,  and use the ‘Notifydate’ or ‘Confirmdate’ options + Save.

When you change the status from Unhandled to either: Notified, Briefed or Confirmed, the revisions are removed from the ‘Unhandled’ Transactions section, and the red boxes disappear in the Roster Gantt and Myroster Calendar are also updated.


Revision window

The crew planner can see a history of all revisions made for each crew member. To view, right click on a crew and select the Revi. icon.

You will get a page with all the changes of a selected period, such as the details of previous situations and current change, date and author of the modifications; date of confirmation/notification/briefing.


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