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General to all

These parameters are common to all the options in Auto rostering

Save on Submit
The solution will automatically be saved when the run has finished
N-OC can send an email when the process is complete.
Advanced mode
Wizard mode
The wizard mod will guide you through the setup.
Date range for auto rostering process. May be automatically filled from a gantt.
Frequency for auto rostering process.
Data Source:
Human resources
Specify human resources to operate on. Both filters and existing crew. May be filled from a gantt. From Filters
Roster Blocks
Specify roster blocks to operate on. Both filters and free typed blocks. May be filled from a gant. From Roster Filters
Specify legs to operate on. Both filters and free typed legs. May be filled from a gantt. From Leg Filters
Ground Tasks
From Ground task filters
Add New
Select Add new to create a scenario.
Template name
Write a name
Select the Problem scenario
 Save the parameters.
Note: The save option is only available if all needed parameters are entered.


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