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Reference Activities

Reference activities are the activities that are performed by all employees of the airline. 
Reference activities may include:
  • vacations 
  • sick days
  • trainings 
  • other activities 
Reference activities is configured individually for the airline. 
All reference activities could be divided on Reference Groups based on activity type.
Reference Activity:
Is shown on the assigned activity.
Enter the second shortcode if necessary. 
Use Crew Base: 
If ticked the activity will pick up the base of the crew member                                 regardless of where he is "now"
Adjust after time changes:
See below.
The activity will be full day and default length 1440
Note: Make sure you enter Default length 1440, this parameter is used by other parts of N-OC.
This option is used specifically for Reserve and Standby activities.
 Free text
Data type: 
Use Human Resource for Crew related and Vehicle for Flight related.
Note: "Human ResourceS" will not work for Reference activities.
Apply filter if it only shall be active for a specific HR group.
You can assign a HR Filter to certain activities -for example a SIM activity could have the Filter for Flightdeck Crew – this would mean that the SIM activity cannot be assigned to cabin crew
The activity will be hidden on the roster.
No Conflict: 
Legality will not trigger a warning.
Note: No conflict will de-conflict Ref Acf and Pairings in SAP award, trade and open time if selected.
Category that the activity belong to.
Note:The Type can be used by the Rules. E.g. if a rule that calculate Duty hours on a Reserve has been set to check for "isReserve" then the rule will not work if the type is set to "Standby"
Duty type: 
None or Duty
Time mode:
UTC or Local.
Reference group: 
see reference group 
Time range: 
set default start and end time, default length of duty. 
User group: 
If the activity only apply to some users.
Select color.
Drawing type: 
Upper or Lower half or full.
Airline prefix: 
The activity will only be active for this airline. the data derives from 
Select Active if the receiver group is to be used.   
Adjust After Time Changes by default:
When this option is Active you only need to change the start time of the activity. 
The end time will automatically be calculated when you click Apply.
Standby/ Reserve Callout
When you assign a flight that conflict with a Standby/Reserve activity, the system can convert the original activity into an activity with the reminder of the SB time.
Callout will work when assigning either:
  • leg
  • pairing 
  • reference activity with type Travel
Over reference activity with type
  • Standby
  • StationStandby
  • Reserve
It will transform to callout if Callout Reference activity is set up in the reference activity dialog, and if:
  • On Day of Ops is checked and the start date of the activity is on the same date as the start date of the activity that is being assigned. 
  • Activity started checkbox is checked and the reserve/standby/stationStandby has started.
  • If neither checkbx are checked, it should work on any day. 

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