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HR Wizard


HR Wizard is used to update legality calculations, Accumulated values, crew documents and Payroll transactions.
Credits are stored in accumulated values tables for the purpose of accumulating some calculators values over a given period.
Credits are stored in historical values table if they are used by reports, payroll wizard or by any other mimer definition which need information on what was assgined to crew before current assignment on the roster.
These credits are not influenced only by what is currently on the roster gantt but also by what was there before, hence roster trasnactions is part of a unity which controls the values of payroll.
Why running HR Wizard
Hr Wizard is used so that one can fix mistakes done either by the end user or by the software provider.
Usage of HR Wizard 
Some of the cases when HR wizard should be used:
·     A payroll definition has been changed.
·     Special role/roster designator/legal exception/base/qualification etc have been changed on a crew for a period where crew has assigned activities.
·     Import of rosters is done to fix previous import.
Make your selection depending on who and how many crews you want to update.
You create a filter in HR Filters
You can search for individuals or multi-select from the list by hold the Ctrl key and left click on the crew.
Next step is to define what values are necessary to update: 
  • crew legality values
  • accumulated values 
  • status of documents 
  • payroll transactions. 
Set the period and select the option to be updated. 
Click Next.
Update legality values:
You can do all three options in the same run, but it is not recommended as it will take a long time and maybe kill the CPU. 
Select one of the options and leave the others to None
Legality Violations:
Reset violations
Clear Violations
Legality Times:
Reset roster times - Recalculates Rest, CI times and other legality calculated times
Clear roster times
Accumulated values:
Reset Accumulated values
Clear Accumulated values
         Historical Values:
         Reset historical values
Set both Legality violations and Legality times drop-down lists to 'None', leave the Accumulated values field on 'Reset accumulated values' then click Next.
See/Update status of Imported Accumulated values:
This option allows you to see and update imported values and ADD missing or wrong values.
The first dialog will load the available values.
You can correct the values or add missing values.
Select the label from the drop down list, enter date and value and click Next.
You will get a question if you want to update.
If you want to stay in the Wizard click
See/Update status of Crew Documents:
You can process all or a selected document.
Click next, you will get an option to send an email when the load is complete.
See/Update status of Payroll transactions:
Select the Payroll labels you want to update.
Click next, you will get an option to send an email when the load is complete.
Correct the values if needed and click next


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