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Human Resources

Human Resources contains information about all employees of the company.

Search Human Resources

Main dialog window contains advanced search. You can search on: validity dates, Base, Rank, Qualifications, Special Roles, Name, Filter.
Search by Name:
Type name in search field and click Search. The result will be displayed in the same dialog window.
To reset all configurations click the Reset button. 
Tick Active if you want to search for active profiles.

Create New Profile in Human Resources

Click the New  button to create a new profile.
Tick Active if profile is to be used.
Tick Don't create a new user if you do not need to create user. This option will automatically create an users account that enable access to the mobile application
Define HR type.
Define document name. At this stage you can only select the default document that is specified in setup namedocument . The default document should be one that all crew members possesses.
Enter employee number.
Enter first, last, middle names.
Enter comments if necessary.
Once the parameters are defined select the OK button and the information is committed to the database and the new entry will appear in the existing list of items. To discard a new item prior to save select the Cancel button and the information will be removed and the window closed. 

Edit Existing Profile in Human Resources

All HR profiles can be edited using the following procedure. 
To edit HR profiles click the Edit button. If more than one HR profiles is needed to be edited select the appropriate tick boxes. After clicking the Edit button each item will appear in a separate window and can be edited in turn.
  • Enter Social security number.
  • Enter HR shortcode 2 and nickname if necessary.
  • Define birthdate and sex.
  • In user groups tick the groups to which employee belongs.

Delete Existing Profile in Human Resources

HR profiles that are no longer required can be deleted by clicking the Delete button. To delete multiple HR profiles select tick boxes of appropriate profiles and click the Delete button. 
First name
Middle Names
Last Name
Optional. Used various places for calculation. E.g. pilot over 60 years and seniority.
Male / Female
Relationship Status
See Relationships below
E.g. Pilot or Cabin. Come from HR Types
Set BRQ Valid To
Select an end date in the date picker, and press the Set BRQ Valid to. This will change the end date for Base Rank and Qualification.
Note: If crew has been assigned activities after the end date, make sure that they are removed.
Save & Close
It will save the changes.
In addition it is possible to trigger an event that can send a email to e.g. the HR department.
Create a template in Integration factory and link it to an event of type HR Save
On the bottom of dialog window there are icons for additional configuration and information:
  • Set the priority
  • type as defined in Phone Types
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Enter country and region prefix, phone number.
  • Enter additional info if necessary.
  • Tick Active if the phone is to be used.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
  • priority should correspond to your phone and other entries.
  • type as defined in Address Types
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Enter street, number, zip and cityname.
  • Select country from dropdown list.
  • enter distance to airport, it can be km, miles or minutes, just make sure it is consistent for all.
  • Enter comment if necessary.
  • Tick Active if the phone is to be used.
Click Save to commit changes to database.
  • priority should correspond to your other entries.
  • type as per defined in Email types.
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Enter email address.
  • Tick Active if the phone is to be used.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
  • Select base from dropdown list as per defined in Bases.
  • Enter percentage for this base. It can be used for split bases. e.g CPH 60% MMX 40% linked to a rule eg. blh per month.
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Tick Seconded if it is considered as a second base.
  • Tick Active if the base is to be used.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
Private Stations:
This option indicate that the crew has a private stay at this station and doesn’t need a hotel.
Legality will warn if a hotel is needed. If a private station is specified you don't get the warning.
If the crew changes Main base make sure that dates aren't overlapping.
  • Select rank and qualification from dropdown lists.
  • Tick Uprank if employee can be upranked.
  • Tick downrank if employee can be downranked.
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Enter additional info if necessary.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
Specify to which team the crew belongs, and if the crew is the team leader.
Special roles:
  • Select special role from dropdown list.
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
Training roles:
  • Select training role from dropdown lists.
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
  • Set employment dates.
  • Click Add to add new contracts.
  • Select contract from dropdown lists.
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
See How to do Compensation days for a full description.
  • Define Earned date and Earned time.
  • Define compensation date and rule.
  • Choose reason from dropdown list.
  • Tick Active if the compensation is to be used.
  • Tick Balance Increase or Balance Decrease if it's necessary.
  • Use advanced search to find appropriate employee. 
  • If you need to select several people that can be/cannot be combined tick them in the main dialog window.
  • If you click definite employee you can add comment, define period, make employee combine/not combine.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
  • At the top of the dialog window you can tick Show Active HR Doc.Types or Show Active HR documents.
  • Ticked documents, click Add to add document to employee profile, click Delete to delete documents. 
  • Ticked documents can be activated or deactivated by clicking appropriate buttons.
  • By clicking the document you can review issue date and add comments in Document Types. 
  • In Transactions you can review and change Valid from, Expiry and Check date. Edit mode is opened after clicking the item.
Department is a kind of Costcenter. See Department and Costcenter
  • Define Valid From/Valid To dates.
  • Enter note.
  • Select note type from dropdown list.
  • Click Save to commit changes to database.
The label say Activity Note but it is a crew note that is displayed next to the crew name.
This Note  is of type Humanresource
File Dir.:
From this option you can upload the crew documents into N-OC.
Some conditions has to be met:
  • Crew must have the document in DOCUMENTS (see above) 
  • HR Documents must have  "Document Upload" ticked.
  • Setup parameter "Uploadfilepath" must be set.
    Note: The documents are stored on a restricted area. As from version 2.4 it is possible to store the documents in the N-OC Database. This Database is an option and is not installd by default. Contact Aviolinx Support if you want to use this option.
View the document:
Click on the Eye to access the document.
A fast way to access the document is to right click on crew in left side of the screen.
Update the document:
To edit a document point on the document till you see the EDIT, click and a new dialog open.
Choose the file with the new document and Update
Enter information of children
The status will be shown in the main HR window. 
Enter the type of family relationship.
Valid to will default to 31Dec99
The status will be shown in the main HR window. 
Human Resource Balance:
This table show the vacation balance as calculated by the Balance rules.
Current: Calculated from balance rule
Last : Balance transferred from last year.
Saved: Saved to next year.
Saved to use: Days saved from preceding years, to be awarded this year.
Extra: Extra days earned.
Awarded: Vacation awarded this vacation period.
External: Days imported for external system.
You can edit:
Last - From last year
Saved - Saved to next year.
Extra - Extra days earned


Once the required amendments have been made click the Save or Save&Close button to commit the changes to the database. To discard changes click the Cancel button.

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