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You can access the Jump Seats through this icon and/or tab:

The jump seat dialogue is available under Human Resource> Jumpseater.


The basic dialogue contains a list showing all called 'Jump seaters'. To edit, copy, or delete a person in the list, check the checkbox on the line you want to edit and click the corresponding button.


If the Show Active checkbox is checked, the list will display only active jump seaters in the Jump Seats Edit dialogue.

Creating a new Jump Seat request

  1. Click the NEW button.
  2. Enter in the applicable fields in the edit dialogue. All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. Click the SAVE button when you have completed it.
  3. After the Jump Seats edit dialogue is completed, you will receive a confirmation message. The new jump seater profile will appear in the Jump Seats list.

Note: If you want the Country field to default to a particular country, set this as default in the Country dialogue window. In the APIS field, if the setting is configured for the Master Crew List (MCL), this Jump seater(s) will automatically be added to the MCL list. 

For more information on setting up MCL, you can refer to the APIS article or contact Customer Support. 

Assigning a Jump Seater to a flight

  1. To assign the jump seater to a flight, right-click the flight leg in the Schedule or Roster Gantt and select the Info icon. This will open the Activity Info dialogue.
  2.  Under the Crew tab, there are DELETE and ADD JUMP SEATS buttons. You will be able to add and delete Jump Seaters to the flight.
  3. You must ensure that the Crew Complements and Aircraft Equipment fields are set correctly.
  4. When you click the Add Jump Seats button, the Assign Jump Seats dialogue will appear in a small window. To assign the Jump Seater, select them from the list and click the ASSIGN button.
  5. The NEW button is a shortcut that will bring you directly to the Jump Seats Edit dialogue if the person has not been listed yet.
  6. After clicking the ASSIGN button, the Assign Jump Seats dialogue will disappear and the jump seater(s) are displayed as shown below. Note: The person must be check-marked when assigning.
  7. These jump seater(s) are now used in the APIS message for this selected flight. In the above example, the jump seater is not set for APIS.

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