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Leave Group

You can access Leave group through this list item:


The Leave Group is where you specify the rules for allocation and bidding.

The number of periods are controlled by the Setup parameter VacationPhaseCount.

NameEnter the name of the Leave group. This is a mandatory field.
PhaseOptions are Phase 1 or 2:
  • Phase 1 is the preliminary bid period. 
  • Phase 2 is the secondary bid period. 
Season TypeRefer to the seasons when the period is open.
Human Resource FiltersWho does the rule apply to.
Select mode

Controls how the crew can select days in Mobile when placing their bids. There are two modes:

  • Fixed – length and start date is fixed
  • Flex - length and start date is flexible.
Default Entitlement The number of available Vacation days. This value is only used if "Limit number of bids" is set to Leave Entitlement.
Limit number of bidsOptions are:
  • Leave Entitlement - iwill use default entitlement.
  • Balance - imported value from the external field or the Accrued balance.

Limit number of awarded days off

Options are:
  • Leave Entitlement - will use default entitlement.
  • Balance - imported value from the external field.
  • Accrued - the accrued balance.
Special RulesThis function is not implemented.
Ranking Type 1 - 3The options include:
  • Employment date
  • First come first serve
  • rotation groups
  • days since last vacation
  • available vacation days
  • Seniority Ascending
  • Seniority Descending.

These are used to control the distribution order.

Rotation Group Order

You can make subgroups of the HR filter Group and rotate the groups every year. It is a manual task to rotate the groups. These apply to the balance rules. 

Balance rulesBalance rule that shall be used by Mobile and Auto roster process. 
Leave Entitlement or BalanceIn the above example, it means that you have 30 bids available, but as the length is 7, “one” bid will be of 7 days length.  The parameter control “Bids Available”.

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