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My Check-in


Check-in is not available in Web for the individual crewmembers home PC. 

To be able to check in from a PC, the IP address of the PC must be registered. Refer to: Checkin IP Address



The conditions for Check-in are defined in the Setup parameters: 

  • CheckInStart 
  • CheckInUsePositionData.


When a flight is open for check-in, the crew will have access to the Check-in button.

  1. Click the Check-in button and the system will confirm the check-in.

  2. In the Crew Gantt, you will see a green triangle indicating that the crew has checked in. 
  3. Missing CI time can be monitored by a rule and a Task filter.

  4. The Crew Controller can manually check-in the crew by right-clicking the leg and clicking the CI button.

  5. When hoovering on the activity, you can see when CI s performed.

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