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To specify the rank names and codes that can be assigned to crew members and flight leg complements.
This table displays the current list of defined, and also their ACTIVE status.

Create New Rank

Select the NEW radio button to create a new rank. The following window is displayed.
Enter free text Name in the dialogue box (max 100 characters).
Short Code: 
Enter free text Shortcode in the dialogue box (max 5 characters).
Short Code2:
Enter free text Shortcode2 in the dialogue box (max 5 characters).
Select the appropriate crew filter from the drop down list available under Type. 
From HR Types
Enter a number between 1 and 99999 in the Order dialogue box. This determines the sort order of crew ranks within the system.
Low rank step
determine how many steps down the low rank will search.
The Low rank drop down specifies which (if any) is the lowest rank below this one that can be selected when assigning an activity to a crew members roster. The lower rank must have been created first, and belong to the same Type, before it is available in the drop down list.
The rank is available to be selected if the Active option is selected.
Once the parameters are defined select the SAVE radio button and the information is committed to the database and the new entry will appear in the existing list of items.

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