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Rost Act action

Rost Act action is a concept that allow you to change an activity to another activity when right click on a marked activity and select
The concept consist of a Rost Act Action, RostAct ActionGrp and a marked activity.
The name should be descriptive so it is easy to understand what action it will perform.
Valid From/To:
Specify time span and frequency.
Activate the rule.
Apply on Calendar days:
Keep Routing:
If it is a transport activity that is changed to another transport activity it will keep the routing.
Replace: Replace activity with the one specified in the rule.
New:  e.g Insert a roster designator "N" on a flight if the crew has special role "new". 
Modify: Modify existing times on a flight.
Human Resource Filters:
If the action only apply to some crew groups.
From Roster Filters:
Select the roster filter in the select box. The assigned activity must meet the conditions in the roster filter.
Note: If you want to enable multi select you must use a Roster filter that select the activities.
From Reference Activities:
Select the Reference activity in the select box. This is the assigned activity that is going to be changed.
Note: If you use this option you can't combine two RefAct rules in the same group.
To Reference activity:
Select the Reference activity the assigned activity will be changed to.
Roster designators:
Select a roster designator if it shall be added to the new activity. Only one RD can be added.
Roster Legal Exceptions:
Select a legal exception if it shall be added to the new activity. Only one LE can be added.
Roster Designators and Legal Exceptions and be used for Payroll reasons.

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