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Roster Patterns

Roster patterns are intended to create a long term pattern of days, usually off days, to be rolled out on the crew
member's rosters.
Pattern Name
Length of the pattern
Add Days
Will add the number of days specified in length.
Local time
tick if the pattern is in local time
Reference date
The Week day the pattern will start rolling from.
The activity will be locked for the optimizer (future development)
Add new reference activity
Add Reference Activities 
You can add a different time than specified in the Reference Activity table.
For Pairing auto rostering there is a built in activity "fly" that is used to tell the optimizer how to group flight pairings.
Copy and paste adjacent
Special Role
The easiest way to control the use of roster patterns is to make a special role that will be used in a HR filter.
The special role should then be added to each crew member that will have the particular roster pattern in Human Resources.
For more information on Special Roles click here:
Reference Information > Editors > Human Resource > Special Roles
Note: Roster Patern field is not in use anymore. The field was used in previous versions of N-OC
Auto Rostering:
Rolling the patterns out on the Roster Gantt is then done through the Auto Rostering.
"Save on Submit" will automatically save the reult
N-OC can send an email when the process is complete.
Data Source
Select the Human Resource filter for the group that shall have the Roster Patterns

Assign Template:
Create a template with conditions for the roll out
Select the roster pattern and the reference date from where the pattern shall start
Select a HR filter where the Special Roles are included
Legality rules
Move the rules to the Ignored rules window
Add Step
You can add multiple steps that are linked to different special roles filters
When you are ready press PROCESS and later SUBMIT.
The pattern will be placed in the gantt.
You need to save the result

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