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Special Roles

Special Roles can be used for many purposes, depending on the Role Type. The Role Type can be used by Rules and the Core Application to control different situations.
A special role is defined for a period.
Used as display label and as a link between the special role and other functions, e.g. Payroll
Roster Pattern:
This field is no longer in use. It apply to older versions of N-OC.
Role Types:
Role type is used to define what kind of role the Special Role shall control. E.g. Language qualification
must be defined in Languages
e.g Line holder and Reserve holder
must be defined in Association
Roster Input Type
The Roster input is used by the request system. The value determine how many of the selected type that can be used by the crew that have the Special Role.
Day Off
Time Off
Crew Complement
The special role can be attached to a crew complement to assure that the crew have the given qualifications.

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