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Training Facilities

In order to build a Training Schedule in the Gantt you must first define the Training Facilities available.
Name -             Mandatory
Short code -             Mandatory
Station (location) -     important to know where it is and what is the local time of such facility
Company -     only "training" companies will be displayed in a combo box (see also configuration section to find out how to configure "training company type" properly in Setup)
•    to add new company please use Manage button
•    to refresh/reload combo box options please use refresh button (button with spinning arrows next to Manage button)
Comment -     free text with some additional information i.e. "street name, address"
Training session types -     defines what can be "learned" there concerning training session types
Equipment qualifications -     defines what equipment qualification can be "learned" in that facility
Quality Level -         Defines what training facility level is covered by this facility.
                E.g. Full Flight Simulator level A - D
In the ‘Training Facilities’ windows, the user can create New, Edit, Copy and Delete.
Select ‘New’ and enter the required information:

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