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In the hotel list you create all the hotels you are planning to use for your staff.
When you assign a hotel you can apply the hotel name to the activity. The hotel information will then be available to the crew on the roster.
Click New
Mandatory field.
Add Station:
You must add the station where the hotel is located.
If you have two (or more) stations that are served by the same hotel, add all the stations.
Company and Contact:
Hotel company
Check In/Out:
The check IN/OUT times are used to determine the ROOM day.
E.g. if the times are 1200 then the Cost wizard will in many cases calculate 2 nights.
Priority is used by the Hotel wizard to find the hotels.
You shall only have one hotel of each priority and only one default hotel.
Reference activity:
Select the reference activity that should be used with this hotel.
Agreement Type: 'Adhoc' or 'Fixed' 
If the room is Fixed (contracted) , then the user can also define the validity, frequency, number of available rooms, the price, and room type etc - see below:
When using AdHoc you can Enter the period the hotel is available.
Pickup is used to indicate the pickup time in the gantt and is used by the rules
In the Gantt:
The pickup is indicated with a black square, and you can see the times in the tooltip.

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