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This table serves to create Airlines and connect them to their parent companies in your database.
Click on New
Enter the following information and click on Save:
·         Airline Name – (Mandatory).
·         IATA designator for this Airline (Mandatory).
·         ICAO designator (Mandatory)
·         Select a Company from the drop down menu to connect this airline to a parent company.
·         Active
·         Default
If you have not already created the Company in the ‘Company’ window, this will naturally not appear in the drop down menu. You can create it here by selecting ‘Create Company’. In that case, the system will use the same name for both Airline and the parent company. (Notice that when you select this, the drop down menu ‘Company’ is no longer available)
Click on Save
When you save, you can also see who created and last updated the information for this Prefix (shown in green text).
Now the new Company is stored in both ‘Prefix’ and ‘Company’ window.
If there are aircraft associated as owned by the selected company, these will be displayed in the Prefix window. Inactive registrations are shown in grey. 
You can view and change details of these aircraft by clicking on them, which will open the ‘Aircraft’ window. See Aircraft.
To change information about a stored company, simply select Edit, update the data, and then select Save.
To Copy an existing Prefix, (to make a new one) select the prefix and click on Copy, edit the fields and Save.

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