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Stations Period Slot Level

You can access the Stations Period Slot Level through this icon or tab:

This dialog is used to specify individual Slot levels for a season.

Note: This entry will overrule the station slot setting.

Some airports have different slot levels depending on the season or for special events, such as Olympic games, political events, etc. These seasons can be selected in the Station Period Slot Level function.

  1. Select the airport.
  2. Define the period.
  3. Select the slot level (slot level 2 or slot level 3).
  4. Alternatively by using a template the upgraded or downgraded slot level can be linked to a specific season.

At Stations
Individual or according season set
SeasonSeason Template
Slot Level

Level 1 - 'Non-Cooordinated'

Level 2 - 'Schedules Facilitated' (will generate SMA messages)

Level 3 - 'Coordinated' (will generate SCR messages)

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