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Turn Around Rules

Turnaround rules are user for different purposes in N-OC.
  • It check the turnaround times between flights
  • It is used when you create a turnaround flight
  • It is used by the Tail Optimizer
The rules are read in the order they are set. 1 is the highest priority.
Previous Arrival filter
Leg filter
Next Departure filter
Leg filter
Valid From/To
Valid period
Set the length of the TA
Day of week
The system will read the priority until it finds a match. If exceptions from the standard turnaround time are set they should have a higher priority than the standard.

Set up standard turnaround time rules

First, the user has to set up Leg Filter for the turnaround rule. Turnaround times are then set in the dialog box 'Turnaround Rule' using the created filters.
To connect turnaround rules to a specific fleet, station etc the user must create filters telling the system what parameters should be used for each turnaround.
Examples of filter settings:
  • All flights
  • A specific aircraft type
  • A specific station
  • A specific aircraft type and station
  • A specific departure/arrival station
  • A specific departure/arrival country 
The filters are set up in the dialog box Leg Filters 
Start with add a New and give it a name, a date range and tick the Active box, Then Save.
Go to Parameters (second tab in the dialog box)
Parameters are set by adding the item valuable for the specific turnaround setting.
  • Open the Turnaround Rule dialog box. 
  • Create a NEW and give it a name.
  • Select the applicable filter from the drop down list
  • Add the turnaround Minutes and set Priority.
  • Tick the Active box and Save 
In the Gantt:
When you point on the station code in between the flights you will see the TA time.
Click on Add parameter and use the dropdown list to select 
Then select the Comparer
Then add a Value
If the parameter should hold more then one record/rule choose Math Operator.
After each new item is set click submit and add the next one.
For example; if all flights in and out of JER operated by any ATR aircraft should have
45 min turnaround, the parameters are set like the following:
Depstring = JER OR
Arrstring = JER AND
VehicletypeString AT4 OR
VehicletypeString AT5 OR
Click Save when all parameters are set.

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