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Checkin IP Address

To enable crew to checkIn in the airport on a company PC you need to specify the IP credentials for the given PC.
Base: Mandatory
IP Only:
Set a static IP or use wildcards. Use the calculator to verify the IP Address.
IpAddress1 is mandatory.
If there are more than one checkin desk you can use a range of IP addresses.
In that case IPAddress1 and IPAddress2 is mandatory
Ip-range is calculated by IP and Netmask.
IPAddress1 and Netmask is mandatory.
CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing, sometimes called supernetting) is a way to allow more flexible allocation of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses than was possible with the original system of IP address classes. 
IP-range is calculated by IP and CIDR.
IPAddress1 and CIDR is mandatory.
If you want to use Cookies you need to run this option on each PC that shall use cookies.

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